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Sometimes I'm afraid for my children

Many viewers know and love him as an ex-cop on the side of "Rex": Tobias Moretti.
But acting is just one of the various aspects of the 40-year all-round talented man. As a graduate
composer, he is at the moment staging his first opera in Bregenz; as he has a degree in agriculture he has built
his own organic farm in the Tux Alps and farms it. Last but not least is Tobias Moretti a happy husband and the enthusiastic
father of two . In an open conversation with "New Post" the star acknowledges fears and speaks about his exciting life.

Neue Post: Mr. Moretti, your daughter Antonia is two years old and for a long time now has she been able to run about.
Is she allowed to toddle through the barn?

Tobias Moretti: That's logical, she can do everything. And with great enthusiasm

Neue Post: Don't you worry that Antonia could find herself between the cows?

Tobias Moretti: You cannot educate anyone with anxiety.Recently Antonia was sitting on the tractor with the ignition
key in her hand. I think she is a bold hussy, a sweet terrorist, the others are her victims. Of course I am sometimes scared.

Neue Post: What will you do when your little boy, Lenz, some day, wants to ride a motorcycle, just like his dad?

Tobias Moretti:I'm already afraid of that. I'm getting an inkling of what my mother has gone through when I was a teenager.

Neue Post: You are not only an actor and a farmer. You're also engaged in racing.How do you manage it all?

Tobias Moretti:.I only have two jobs: acting and farming. Racing is just my passion

Neue Post:For the meat of your organic farm, you even have a brand name, "Moretti Beef '.

Tobias Moretti: Yes, I'm proud of that. I sell my beef to the posh gastronomy in Vienna

Neue Post: Could you personally financially support your farm?  

Tobias Moretti: I could, but we would have to spend a lot more energy. I need this energy at the moment for my work as an artist.

Neue Post: Does that mean you have little time to care for your family?

Tobias Moretti:I always see everything as a whole. Being an actor also means, indeed, that I'm at home to prepare myself.
I'm only at the front during shooting days.

Neue Post: Who takes mostly care of the children?

Tobias Moretti: There is no concept, just spontaneity.

Neue Post:Do you manage to undertake something with your wife, despite the two children?

Tobias Moretti: This is very important to me. We want to take a ride soon together by motorbike.
In any case this summer.

The photo's captions :

The family man, actor, farmer and motocycle racer speaks with 'Neue Post' openly about his feelings
Tobias Moretti here with one of his two children. With his family, he lives on a large, organic farm in the Tux Alps

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